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Produktbeschreibung  Series fully automatic oil (gas) fired steam boiler, the structure of all adopt three returns journeys, undee hearth whole wet back.We use a center symmetric t

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Series fully automatic oil (gas) fired steam boiler, the structure of all adopt three returns journeys, undee hearth whole wet back.
We use a center symmetric three returns structure design ideas, to design bigger capacity of three returns steam boiler.
The greatest characteristic of this kind of boiler: all pressurized parts and drum center is symmetrical , the boiler adopts fully wet back structure , with great inner barrel and partial heart box structure , it is beneficial to provide enough radiation heating surface. And convection heating surface has a second return of tube bundle and three returns. Back into the combustion chamber before connected to the furnace tube plate, then back into the combustion chamber after the tube plate adopts the ellipsoidal head and tube plate.
The former chamber room consists of the second return and the third return transfer smoke box, smoking release temperature is below 500 ºC.
Therefore , the front smoke box structure with light structures of fire-resistant insulation materials. After the smoke flue gas exports layout box along the barrel longitudinal axis direction, can not only shorten the furnace length;
And can avoid the chimney on the direction perpendicular to the axis of the vertical cylinder, when start to stop the boiler condensate corrosion boiler body as well. This kind of boiler design mainly considers the principle of boiler maintenance and stability.
The Mix water device is installed inside the boiler water return, backwater firstly flushes smoke pipe bundle, then approaching the furnace, improving the backwater temperature of furnace, and avoiding to produce the phenomenon of sub cooled boiling.
Water in lower part combustion in high temperature, low temperature flowing in the upper part . In terms of heat convection, which has reached the optimal structure design.
Steam boiler also achieves maximum evaporation space, with machine and clapboard in circulating water flows through back to the surface of the high temperature of combustion chamber, make reasonable uniform heat transfer. Make sure that back to the safe operation of the combustion chamber of the tube sheet.
 Corrugated Flue (according to customer's selection)
This series of boiler adopts the waveform furnace, strengthening the flue gas of the disturbance, and increasing the radiation heat transfer area; Both enhancing the stiffness of the furnace, and effectively reducing the expansion stress of the furnace; Enhances the heat transfer effect, which in turn increases as the fuel in the combustion chamber of a stove or furnace.
 The smoke tube to tube sheet welding process
Pre-expansion then all-welded are adopted , and with expanding advanced craft, both to prevent the pipe corrosion, and enhance the welding strength.
The front and rear of the symmetrical movement is easy to open and repair, clean.
Articulated symmetric activity before and after smoke door open conveniently, easy maintenance and cleaning.
The Advantages:
A undee hearth of a form A undee hearth of a form of this series boiler, enhance the moving of smoke , undee hearth enlarges the radiation area, to transmit heat by this area, increased a undee hearth intensity, and effectively weaken the internal force of a undee hearth; to build up transmits heat the result , then promoted.
Rear flue additional condenser Additional rear flue condenser use flue gas condenser absorbs latent heat and sensible heat, improving the water temperature of the boiler, reducing the exhaust gas temperature , the thermal efficiency of the boiler increase to more than 98%.(Note: The process of using the boiler, condenser out of the water valve must be kept opening)
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